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Welcome to the Huddersfield Rifle Club - founded in 1900


Thanks to the continual improvements delivered by club members, the range provides the ability to host events throughout the year.

For fullbore shooters we have 3 targets each at both 200 & 500 yards allowing 12 shooters to compete in shoulder to shoulder events, all firing points are serviced with electronic marking giving the ability to swap between target types at the the touch of a button, plus detail and distance changes without the need to interrupt the course of fire.

Our 200 yard range has recently had a permanent roof installed across all three firing points along with an all-weather rubber surface for maximum comfort.

We also have a 100 yard range which is used for fullbore zeroing, plus black powder or rimfire competitions. This has now been re-built with a sound absorbing roof.

Each year the National Rifle Association hosts two weeks of competitions called the Imperial, competitors travel from all over the world to take part.

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